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Fabric Abrasion Resistance and Pilling Test

Fabric Abrasion Resistance and Pilling Test

The Abrasion Resistance and Pilling Tester is used to test the abrasion resistance and pilling performance of various structured fabrics. The specimen is subjected to low-pressure continuous commutation friction with a certain abrasive material, and the degree of abrasion and pilling can be evaluated in comparison with standard parameters. The instrument adopts movable specimen fastening assembly, which can be removed at any time without affecting other specimens, not only to achieve rapid and independent testing of specimens, but also to ensure the accuracy of the measurement of abrasion at the same time, which is the recognized fastening method of BSEN ISO12947-1:1999. This instrument is equipped with electronic preset batch timer and total aggregate counter, specimen clamp and load device (in accordance with the test standard), available in 4, 6 and 8 head models.

Standards: ISO 5470 , DIN 53863/53865, BS 3424/5690, IWTO 40-88, BS EN 388/530, IWSTM 112/196, ASTM 4966/4970 ISO 12673, JIS L1096, SFS 4328, PR EN ISO 12947-1, PR EN ISO 12945-2, SATRA TM31, ISO 20344

Technical specifications.

Number of tests: 1~999999

Accumulation count: 1~999999

ICI Pilling Testing Machine.jpg

Number of test heads: 4 heads

Effective friction diameter of grinding block: φ28.8mm

Clamp and grinding table relative movement speed: 50r / min

Clothes specimen weight:395g

Decorative sample weight:594g

Power source: AC220V, 250W

Optional accessories for pilling tester:

TSE-A012E SDC abrasion fabric, selected abrasion fabric SM25, 1.6m wide x 5m long

TSE-A012F Felt disc (woven fabric), diameter 140mm Standard lining felt disc (woven) 140mm diameter (20 pieces/pack), BS5690/1991+PR, EN, ISO 12947-1750±50gm/m² x approx. 2.5mm thick.

TSE-A012G SM50 chart card, pilling test IWS+ASTM, 4 sets of 1-5 (plain, twill A, twill B, felts).

TSE-A012H EMPA chart card standard, pilling test (3×4 knitting).

TSE-A012J EMPA chart card standard, pilling test (3×4 woven).

TSE-A012K Standard Abrasion Sheet, F2(230mm×280mm), for protective gloves abrasion resistance test (50 pieces/pack).

TSE-A012L Silicon carbide fabric sheet (P180G), 230×280mm, for abrasion resistance test of coated fabric (25 pieces/pack).

-- Abrasion resistance test

Round fabric specimens are rubbed against a standard rubbing cloth for the abrasion resistance test. The abrasion resistance depends on the number of rubbing times or specimen weight consumption when the specimen is decomposed, and the oscillation trajectory of the test specimen on the rubbing cloth is called Lissajous pattern.

-- Pilling Test

The pilling test method used on the Martin-Dell tester was developed in conjunction with the EMPA. The test is suitable for knitted and woven fabrics (woven from staple sand). The degree of pilling is evaluated using linguistically depicted criteria in conjunction with EMPA picture standards.

-- Operation and vibration amplitude

For some jobs, a regular interactive movement test is made based on the Lissajous graph. When switching from abrasion testing to pilling testing, the length of the amplitude needs to be changed. Changing the mode of operation and amplitude is as simple as moving the position of the drive unit without the need for additional tools and parts.