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Recommend some common snagging and pilling test standard

Recommend some common snagging and pilling test standard

When it comes to snagging and pilling test standards, here are some commonly used standards in the textile industry:

1. Snagging test standard:

    - ISO 12945-1: 1998: Methods for determination of snagging resistance of textiles Part 1: Surface method.

    - ASTM D3939-15: Standard Test Method for Determination of Snagging, Tensile and Abrasion Properties of Textile Surfaces.

    - JIS L 1058: Test method for snagging resistance of textile surfaces.

1. Pilling test standard:

    - ISO 12945-2: 2000: Methods for the determination of the pilling resistance of textiles Part 2: Methods for the evaluation of balls.

    - ASTM D3511-18: Standard test method for determining the number and size of pilling on the surface of fabrics.

    - BS 5811: Test methods for pilling properties of textiles.

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These standards provide detailed test methods and evaluation guidelines that can be used to evaluate the snagging and pilling properties of textiles. Please note that this is only one of some commonly used standards, and you should choose the applicable standard according to the requirements of your region and industry. Also, consult your local standards organization or relevant industry association for more information on snagging and pilling test standards.