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Thermal protection performance tester

Thermal protection performance tester

  The thermal protection index tester is suitable for industries and institutions such as textile and clothing, petrochemicals, labor safety protection, and quality supervision and inspection to meet different requirements for the thermal protection performance testing of protective clothing. It provides a scientific and reliable basis for the development and quality control of flame-retardant protective clothing, as well as the testing of thermal protection performance during the use of flame-retardant protective clothing.

  Applicable scope

  This device is used to test the thermal protection performance of protective clothing, safety shoes, gloves, helmet outer surfaces, etc. By testing the thermal protection performance of materials under the action of a predetermined thermal radiation heat source.

  Product features

  1. The basic components of the thermal protection performance instrument include sample fixture assembly, nozzle radiation heat source, water-cooled shield sensor, data acquisition system, fuel control regulator, and gas rotary flowmeter.

  2. Heat source composition: 1 set of radiative heat sources and 2 45 ° convective heat sources. The radiation heat source consists of 9 T-150 infrared quartz tubes. The convective heat source consists of two Merck lamps.

  3. Removable stainless steel protective plate.

  4. Two Meker burners placed at 45 degrees.

  5. The inner tube has a diameter of 38mm and an inner hole diameter of 5/16 inches, which can provide 800-1200 BUT heat output. The burner port is a metal mesh structure, and the lower air valve of the burner is adjustable, which can adjust the mixing ratio of air and combustible gas.

  6. Nine T150 quartz infrared tube arrays can provide a heating radiation flux of 13 kW/m2 ± 4 kW/m2.

  7. Under the thermal radiation of quartz infrared tubes, the total heat flux can be set to 83kW/m2 ± 2 kW/m2 by adjusting the gas supply to the Meker burner

  8. The calibrated heat flow meter is water-cooled, with a working range of 0-100KW/m2 and a maximum usage range of 150%.

  9. The response time of the heat flow meter is less than 200ms, the radiation rate is greater than 0.95, and the output signal within the working range is greater than 5mv.

  10. Equipped with a thermal radiation flux display instrument, it can display the heat flux value immediately.

  11. Detect the thermal protection coefficient TPP of protective materials and display the time temperature curve.

  12. Provide calibration reports traceable to NIST in the United States.

  13. The rotary flowmeter can adjust the combustion gas flow rate with an accuracy of ± 2% and a range greater than 3L/min.

  14. Pointer type pressure gauge, the intake pressure can be adjusted through a pressure reducing valve, with a range of 0-15psi.

  15. A quarter rotary plug that can manually cut off flammable gases.

  16. The data acquisition system of the sensor can record the minimum temperature of 150 ℃, with a resolution of 0.1C ° and an accuracy of ± 0.75 ° C.

  17. The data acquisition speed of the automated data acquisition system is at least 10Hz, and cold end compensation is provided for the measurement data of thermocouples.

  18. Equipped with a computer and printer, equipped with standard testing software, providing standard testing curves.

  Reference standards

  (1) NFPA 1971 Standard for Full Protective Clothing for Fire Protection and Proximity Protection in Buildings

  (2) ASTM D4018 Standard Test Method for Performance of Continuous Carbon Fiber and Graphite Fiber Bundles

  (3) GB 8965.1-2009 Protective clothing - Flame retardant protection - Part 1: Flame retardant clothing