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All the maintenance measures you need for your flat abrasion tester are here

All the maintenance measures you need for your flat abrasion tester are here

The flat abrasion tester is used in materials science, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, the construction industry and the chemical industry to evaluate the wear properties of different materials and to compare the performance differences between them. It is a sophisticated piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that it works properly and tests accurately. 

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The following are some maintenance recommendations:

1. Regular cleaning:It should be done on a regular basis to ensure that the equipment is not contaminated by dust or other impurities, especially electronic components. Wipe the surface of the instrument with a clean, soft cloth, taking care not to use cleaning agents that contain corrosive or harsh smells.

2. Lubrication:A suitable lubricant should be applied to maintain the flexibility and stability of the mechanical parts. The lubricant must be the specified oil, conventional triple - machine oil is effective also with the use of smooth.

3. Regular calibration: Regular calibration should be carried out to ensure accuracy and reliability. Follow the instructions in the operating manual when calibrating the test instrument.

4. Check the screws: Check the screws on the tester regularly for looseness. For example, plastic brackets, fixing feet and other such connecting hardware to ensure the stability of the instrument.

5. Maintain the mechanical parts:Regularly check and maintain the moving parts such as linear guides and slides for damage or breakage, self-locking travel switches and other components for readiness of position and function.

The above 5 points are the 5 points of flat abrasion tester routine maintenance methods summarised for you by QINSUN instrument technicians. However, to ensure the proper operation of the tester, it should also be maintained and serviced in accordance with the flat abrasion tester manufacturer's instruction manual.