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The significance of fabric Automatic Shrinkage Tester

The significance of fabric Automatic Shrinkage Tester

Fabric Automatic Shrinkage Tester is a device used to test the shrinkage and dimensional changes of fabrics. Its basic principle is to use hot water washing and mechanical force to simulate the real conditions of fabrics during use and cleaning, and to compare fabrics through testing. Calculate the shrinkage of the fabric by the change rate of the area, length and width under the washing conditions before and after.

QINSUN qs-1000 Fabric Automatic Shrinkage Tester is a test equipment of common specifications, mainly composed of test frame, fixture, liquid level control system and computer control system. Before the test, the sample needs to be fixed on the test frame with a fixture first, and then the fabric is heated, cooled, and repeatedly oscillated by setting parameters such as washing time, temperature, and number of repetitions, so that the size of the fabric changes and changes during the repeated washing process. shrink. After the test, the shrinkage rate and dimensional change of the fabric can be calculated according to the test data.

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Fabric Automatic Shrinkage Tester has the advantages of easy operation, accurate and reliable results, and good repeatability, and can be widely used in the fields of textile production, quality control, and research and development. It can help textile manufacturers evaluate the washing stability and shrinkage of their products, thereby improving the service life and stability of textiles.

The significance of Fabric Automatic Shrinkage Tester is that it can help manufacturers better control the shrinkage rate of fabrics, so as to ensure the quality, comfort and aesthetics of fabrics. It can help customers buy more suitable fabrics, and it can also help manufacturers improve production efficiency.