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Taber Rotary Abraser's experimental operation method

Taber Rotary Abraser's experimental operation method

The Taber Rotary Abraser mainly relies on rotary grinding, so that different kinds of friction wheels are rotated on the sample, and the wear resistance of leather and plastic materials is tested through the test disc. This requires us to choose a weight set suitable for the standard. There is a calculation formula for the wear index, and its formula is: wear loss weight/test revolutions * 1000

The result of the test is the identification of the test material properties to check for weight loss on the outer surface of the sample, such as mechanical damage.

The specific operation method of Taber Rotary Abraser is as follows:

1. According to the relevant test standards of the test material, the grinding wheel (wear wheel) required for the sample material should be assembled before the test. (Note: Tester will prepare extra fine sandpaper)


2. In this step, the standard specimen can be cut, and then attached to the back of the specimen with double-sided tape (the other side should also be attached). After the double-sided tape is attached to remove the paper, the weight of the specimen is weighed. Record it, bear paw records to four decimal places.

3. Before starting the test, it is necessary to confirm that the power supply voltage is AC220V and the frequency is 50HZ.

4. Lift the test arm of the equipment before the test, then start the power supply to try to run, we can check whether the machine is running normally from here, then lift the test arm and the vacuum arm, and remove the test piece fixing nut and washer ( ring), then use a wrench to loosen the retaining ring's set screw and lift the retaining ring to complete this step.

5. Next step 5, Ah Zhong suggested to cut the prepared fine sandpaper into a model of the test piece in advance, and then only need to put the center hole on the screw and cover the gasket, and then use our nut to fix the fine sandpaper on the test piece. on the disc.

6. After completing the above steps, you need to install the fixing clip, flatten the sandpaper, and then use the wrench to lock the fixing ring and nut.

7. Select the corresponding grinding wheel according to the test standard and fix it (the test standard is determined according to the actual requirements of the product, and the corresponding standard of Baidu can be used). The specific operation needs to first loosen and remove the fixing nut of the grinding wheel, then install the grinding wheel and then Tighten and secure and it's OK.

8. According to the test standard searched above, you can place the required corresponding weight in the counterweight (for example, the weight is 500 grams). (equipment weights are 250G, 500G, 1000G)

9. During the test, we can set the number of test revolutions to 50 times (you can set the number of test revolutions according to different test requirements, here is just a small example), put down the test arm and vacuuming arm after setting , turn on the power and the vacuum cleaner, adjust the air volume, and turn on the motor switch to start running.

Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester.jpg

10. After 50 times of sanding, turn off the power, take out the sandpaper according to the reverse steps of 4, 5, 6, and 7, and place it on the test according to the steps of 4, 5, 6, and 7.

11. Set the number of test revolutions to 1000 times, stick the sand layer on the grinding wheel with a plastic cloth, and check whether the double-sided tape of the test piece is firm. Affix the paper to the test plate and repeat step 10.

12. When the machine reaches the set number of tests, it will automatically stop working, which does not require additional attention.

13. Come to this step, it means that the machine has been tested and stopped automatically. After the shutdown, the operator can use a small brush to remove the sand layer on the surface of the leather. Here, it is necessary to pay attention to remove the test piece together with the double-sided tape, and then weigh it with a precision scale. It is also recorded and counted to four decimal places. Calculate the test value according to the formula.

Remember, the above operation methods can ensure that you operate correctly and standardized during the testing process, so that the functions of Taber Rotary Abraser can work effectively.