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  • 100kn Material

    100kn Material

  • ISO13934 ISO139

    ISO13934 ISO139

  • High-Quality Ba

    High-Quality Ba

  • Automatic Fabri

    Automatic Fabri

  • ASTM D4966 ISO1

    ASTM D4966 ISO1

  • ASTM-B117 Corro

    ASTM-B117 Corro

  • Electric Leakag

    Electric Leakag

  • Rubber Film Foa

    Rubber Film Foa

  • Durable Plastic

    Durable Plastic

  • Automotive leat

    Automotive leat

  • Footwear Stoll

    Footwear Stoll

  • ASTM D3786 Fabr

    ASTM D3786 Fabr


QINSUN is dedicated to being lifelong partner with customers of textile testing instruments.We offers an extensive range of high quality textile testing equipment and testing solution. QINSUN Fabric testing instruments of research development and technology accumulation,have become the key technology to improve quality and produ... More >>