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Hydropro hydrostatic head tester

Hydropro hydrostatic head tester

High pressure-servo Fabric Hydrostatic Head Pressure Test Machine is used to test the waterproof properties of fabric through waterproofing work such as canvas, coated fabrics,hood fabric, tarpaulin, rain-proof fabrics and geotextile.
AATCC 127 Option 2, ISO 811, ISO 1420, GB/T4744,FZT01004, DIN53886, JIS L1092, EN20811
1. The pressure using dynamic feedback regulation effectively prevent pressure overshoot. 
2. Japan Panasonic servo motor and drive system, 16-bit A/D conversion.
3. Hydrostatic head tester -whole machine with aluminum alloy structure.
4. Sensor protection: automatic overload protection ( automatic switching of multi-sensor range).
1. Measuring range: 500pa-200kpa(5-2000cmH2O)
2. Resolution: 1 pa
3. Accuracy: 0.2%FS
4. Pressure speed: 50--900mm/min (500pa-9kpa;5mbar-90mbar)stepless adjustable
5. Accuracy error: ≤1 mm
6. Specimen holder Pneumatic Grip Dimension: 100cm2
7. External dimension: 600×400×780mm(L×W×H)
8. Weight:50 kg
9. Power source: Ac 220V±10% 50HZ 100W or specified
Hydrostatic Head Tester