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How to tell the good from the bad of the carton resisting machine?

How to tell the good from the bad of the carton resisting machine?

How can I tell if a carton compression machine is good or bad? What are the aspects to look for when choosing a Carton Compression Tester? How to determine the quality of the instrument? The following is a detailed explanation of Baoda instruments.

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1, the accuracy of the instrument detection.

With the accuracy of the standard calibration device better than 3-5 times the instrument being tested, to test its accuracy.

2. Whether the components affecting the accuracy are within the permissible error.

Exceeding it then make appropriate adjustments to it.

3、Safety protection.

Exceed the upper measurement limit of 2%-10%, the instrument automatically stop; moving parts should also automatically stop when they reach the limit.

4、Operating performance, the function of the control system.

Normal key operation, clear and eye-catching display, accurate data printing, continuous and complete testing process.


Surface spray paint parts flat, smooth, uniform colour, no spots, bubbles, delamination; chrome-plated parts no **, chrome thorns, delamination; blackened parts uniform colour; other parts surface no obvious bump, dents, rust, burrs, etc.

How to distinguish the good and bad of the carton anti-crush machine? Through the above determination and analysis, I believe we have a certain understanding, Baoda instrument as a manufacturer of testing equipment, in the development and development, production and supply, standard quality and other aspects have made a lot of achievements, but also to thank many old customers in the use of the process to give us a lot of suggestions, so that our products have been constantly improved and improved, our company will continue to develop better quality, cost-effective We will continue to research and develop better quality and more cost-effective testing instruments, and continue to explore the way forward to serve our customers!