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Fabric shrinkage tester: Accurate measurement of fabric dimensional changes

Fabric shrinkage tester: Accurate measurement of fabric dimensional changes

The fabric shrinkage tester is a test device designed to measure the shrinkage or elongation growth rate of a fabric. It measures the change in length and width of a fabric primarily by applying heat and tension to the sample to calculate the fabric shrinkage rate.

Fabric shrinkage tester can be used to accurately measure the dimensional changes of fabrics for quality control and inspection before, during and after production by manufacturers or users. It generally includes temperature measurement equipment, tension equipment, image acquisition equipment, etc. Meanwhile, the data obtained from the measurement can also be analyzed by computer software.

fabric shrinkage test

Fabric shrinkage tester can be mainly applied to textile, garment, shoes and hats, bags and other industries, and can measure different kinds of fabric materials, such as cotton fabrics, linen fabrics, silk fabrics, wool fabrics and so on.

Fabric shrinkage tester usually consists of a jig, a sample holding device, an oven, an electronic scale and a computer control system and other components. In the test, an appropriately sized fabric sample is clamped to the fixture and then placed in the oven for heating until the fabric reaches equilibrium. Next, the fabric is removed from the oven and placed in the sample clamping device to measure its length and width. Finally, the fabric is placed in the oven again for drying until it reaches equilibrium. The length and width of the fabric are measured again and the shrinkage of the fabric is calculated.

What are the advantages of the Fabric shrinkage tester?

QINSUN Instruments' Fabric shrinkage tester is accurate, fast and reliable. It helps manufacturers evaluate the quality and performance of fabrics and thus select more reliable and durable materials to ensure the integrity and quality of their products.

The fabric shrinkage tester is an important piece of testing equipment for the textile industry, and its value lies in the following areas:

fabric shrinkage tester

1. Improve product quality: Fabric shrinkage is one of the indicators of fabric quality, using Fabric shrinkage tester can test the shrinkage of the product to ensure that the shrinkage of the product is controlled within the acceptable range, thus improving the quality and reliability of the product.

2. Effectively reduce production costs: Setting appropriate shrinkage standards can effectively reduce product production costs. Using Fabric shrinkage tester can control the quality of fabric and reduce the number of rejects in the production process.

3. Strengthen quality control: Using Fabric shrinkage tester can detect product quality problems in time, realize the traceability of defective products, and improve product quality stability and quality control ability.

4. Improve company reputation: By using Fabric shrinkage tester, manufacturers can gain a better reputation in the market and increase customer trust and loyalty.

In short, Fabric shrinkage tester is a necessary test equipment for production inspection and quality control, which can improve the quality and reliability of products, as well as effectively reduce production costs, strengthen quality control and improve the company's reputation.