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ASTM oxygen index tester structure analysis

ASTM oxygen index tester structure analysis

The oxygen index tester is applicable to the strip or sheet material which can support itself upright with the specimen thickness less than 10.5mm, and also applicable to the homogeneous solid material, laminated material, foam material, soft sheet and film material with the apparent density more than 100kg/m3, and certain foam material with the apparent density less than 100kg/m3, and provides the test method for the sheet material or film which can support itself upright, and is used to judge The ease of combustion of materials in contact with flame in air.

Conformity to standards.

JIS7201, BS2782, ANSI/ASTM, D2863, ISO4589-2:1996 test standards.

Plastic oxygen index detector.png

1. Box structure

1.1 The structure of the instrument is reasonably designed and easy to operate and use for maintenance. The test system uses imported oxygen sensors and displays the results digitally. With the advantages of accurate determination, good reproducibility, etc., is the ideal test equipment for scientific research, production quality control.

1.2 Control box: CNC machine tool processing molding, circular arc shape beautiful and generous. High quality baking paint material, beautiful, rust and corrosion resistant.

1.3 combustion cylinder: by a vertical fixed on the base, and import oxygen-containing gas mixture of high-temperature resistant quality glass tube, the size of the inner diameter ¢ 75mm, 450mm long, the outlet inner diameter: φ40mm.

1.4 Mixer: installed on the base at the bottom of the combustion cylinder to make the entering mixed gas distribution evenly, using high-temperature high-quality glass bead filling form, the oxygen and nitrogen gas evenly mixed. (bead φ1.5mm filling height 95mm)

1.5 Specimen clip: used to support the specimen vertically in the center of the combustion cylinder. Can be used for soft and hard plastics. Self-supporting fixture and can hold the specimen vertically. Clamp and support edge smooth, so that the updraft is disturbed by the minimum. Inner frame size: 140mm×38mm.

2. Electric control system.

2.1 Relay control system is adopted, and all electronic components are adopted from leading brands at home and abroad, which can better guarantee the performance and testing accuracy of the machine.

2.2 The equipment has the following safety protection devices: power overload, short-circuit protection, control circuit overload protection.

3. Working conditions.

3.1 Ambient temperature: -10℃~45℃.

3.2 Relative humidity: <85%.

3.3 Voltage and power: 220V, 50HZ, 100W.

3.4 Gas used: GB3863 industrial gaseous oxygen; GB3864 industrial gaseous nitrogen; both bottles of gas to be regulator (demand side to provide their own).

3.5 Working pressure: 0.2Mpa.

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