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How much does a Martindale abrasion tester weigh?

How much does a Martindale abrasion tester weigh?

The weight of Martindale wear testers can vary depending on the make and model. In general, this type of test instrument is usually heavier because it is designed for use in evaluating the abrasion resistance of materials and therefore needs to be of sufficient stability and quality.

The exact weight depends on factors such as the specifications, size and construction of the test instrument. In general, Martindale wear testers usually weigh in the tens of kilograms or more, but the exact value may vary from one piece of equipment to another.

What is the standard for Martindale?

The standards for Martindale wear testing are based on those of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO 5470-1 is the standard for Martindale wear testing and specifically defines the specifications and procedures to be followed when testing with Martindale wear testers. The standard defines the size and shape of the test specimen as well as the requirements and specifications for the test setup.


According to ISO 5470-1, Martindale wear testing consists of contacting a sample of material with an abrasive material on a rotating disk and then performing a wear test under a certain load and rotational speed. During the test, the abrasion resistance of the material sample is assessed by measuring the mass or length lost and a standardized evaluation method is used to determine the amount of wear.

In addition, ISO 12947-1 and ISO 12947-2 are the relevant standards for textile abrasion resistance testing, which define the Martindale abrasion test method in more detail and are applicable to the assessment of the abrasion resistance of textiles and fabrics.

The existence of these standards ensures consistency and comparability of Martindale abrasion tests, thus facilitating comparison and sharing of results between different laboratories or organizations.