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Technical parameters of SUGA GS-UV gas corrosion tester

Technical parameters of SUGA GS-UV gas corrosion tester

The SUGA GS-UV gas corrosion tester is used to test the corrosive effect of corrosive gases on materials, and evaluate the corrosion resistance of electronic components, components with metal or organic coatings to pure SO2, H2S, NO2, Cl2, O3 or their mixed gases.
   Test principle:
  Using SO2, H2S, NO2, Cl2, O3 and other gases to accelerate the corrosion of materials or products under a certain temperature and relative humidity environment, and reproduce the degree of damage suffered by the materials or products within a certain time range.
  Test accuracy:
   GB/T 5170.11-1996
  GB/T 2423.51-2000
  Technical characteristics:
   1. It can prevent the formation of water droplets on the inner wall of the test box so that the gas concentration is not affected;
   2. Built-in automatic gas concentration control system to ensure test reproducibility by measuring optical density.
  Technical Parameters:
  Gas range: SO2, H2S, NO2, Cl2, O3;
  SO2 concentration: 0.01ppm (10ppb) minimum, 200ppm (200000ppb) maximum, (the concentration of other gases is in accordance with IEC standards)
  Temperature range: 23-50±1℃;
  Relative humidity: (50-95)±3%;
  Sample quantity: 20 pieces (150×70×1mm);
  Sample angle: vertical or inclined 15°;
  Internal dimensions: width 50cm, depth 50cm, height 60cm;
  External dimensions: width 166cm, depth 131cm, height 178cm.

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