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ICI Mace Snagging Resistance Tester

ICI Mace Snagging Resistance Tester

ICI Mace Snagging Resistance Tester is suitable for testing knitted fabrics and woven fabrics and other easy-to-hook fabrics. It is especially suitable for the hooking performance of chemical fiber filaments and their textured yarn fabrics. It is possible to quickly detect how easily the fabric is hooked under normal wearing conditions (ie, the yarn is hooked from the fabric).
ICI Mace Snagging Resistance Tester. To determine the tendency of fabrics to snag (pull yarn loops from fabric) in normal wear (mace snag). Provided with 4 rotating test cylinders, fitted with sleeves of test fabric, mace balls with tungsten carbide points and controlled by a predetermined electronic counter.
A set of 4 felt sleeves are included.
ASTM D3939
JIS L1058
GB/T 11047
Technical Parameters
· Specimen size: 220mm×330mm;
· Revolving drum diameter: 82mm;
· Revolving drum length: 210mm;
· Mace ball: Tungsten carbide  head;
· Mace diameter : 31.8 mm;
· Mace height:135g;
· Mace protruding length: 9.5 mm;
· Mace plant needles: 11 tungsten needles;
· Needle exposed length: 10mm;
· Tip radius: R0.13mm;
· Guide bar working width: 125mm;
· Distance between the hammer and the guide bar:45mm;
· Stations: 4;
· Test speed: 60rpm;
· External dimension: 1007×508×405mm(L×W×H);
· Weight: about 90kg;
· Power supply: 1∮ ,AC220V,50Hz,3A