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Digital bursting strength tester

Digital bursting strength tester

Digital bursting strength tester is used for the detection of woven, knitted, non-woven fabrics, paper or board about the bursting strength and height.

GB/T7742, FZ/T60019, ISO 13938.2, NEXT TEST METHOD 22 2006 ,WOOLMARK TM29 2000,EDANA 80.3-99,ISO 2758,ASTMD 3786,JISL108

Instrument features:
A. Meet the maximum 100cm2 test area
B. Uniform clamping force, can be applied to all kinds of materials in all directions
C. Support online communication
D. Experimental area can be replaced, suitable for different standards
E. Store 50 custom standards
F. Test results such as: rich burst strength, bursting strength, diaphragm pressure, bursting height, and bursting time; make quality control personnel comprehensively understand the bursting performance of the sample.
G. Security shield automatic detection can automatically correct and exclude the film itself on the results

Technical Parameters:
A. Pressure: air pressure method
B. Measuring range: 0-1000kPa, accuracy: 0.2%
C. lower clip ring: 7.3cm2, 7.8cm2, 10cm2, 50cm2, 100cm2
D. Maximum expansion: 70 ± 0.02mm
E. Pressing rate: 1 ~ 100 kPa / min, speed adjustable
F. Output: print output, display output, real-time color graphics display
G. Power supply: Ac220V 50Hz 2000W

Instrument Configuration:
1. One host
2. A set of the next clip ring (5)
3. Expanded broken film 1 package
4. Silent pump 1 set
5. Glycerine 1 bottle
6. Test rubber film (2 pieces)
7. Mute laboratory air compressor (optional)