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Judge II Standard Light Source Color Assessment Cabinet

Judge II Standard Light Source Color Assessment Cabinet

Applications: Judge II standard light source color assessment cabinet is a patented color improvement technique, providing the most vivid simulated solar light source, and it is equipped with a variety of light source in line with the majority of standards at home and abroad, mainly used for colour and other appearance performance ratings and comparison in textile, paint, printing ink, printing, plastics industries,etc.
Standards: ASTM D1729 ISO 3664 DIN6173 ANSI & BSI JIS Z8723 AS 4004 GM9220 SAE J361
Use method and precautions:
1. Make sure all the tubes are installed correctly and select the right power supply. If the voltage is not suitable, replace with the suitable fuse, connect the power. (note: please ensure the power off before checking or replacing the fuse.)
2. Select the appropriate light source according to the required test standard. (specific light source type and application area see table below)
3. Sample and standard color card shall be place in the cabinet at the same time for comparison and rating in the light box.
4. Note: the use of light box should avoid strong light, external light source and other situations that can cause visual discomfort. Ideal environment temperature for light box is 16-22 ℃.
Light source:

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