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Dry microbial penetration tester

Dry microbial penetration tester

Dry microbial penetration resistance tester DMPRT is to assess the penetration resistance through barrier materials of bacteria-carrying particles. The tester is applicable for medical clothing or relative materials. It is the recommended testing instrument for determine the protective performance against dry infectious agents during the using processing of the textile or clothes above.
ISO 22612  YY/T 0506.5
Color touch screen for preset parameter and display.
Negative pressure testing condition is safer.
Built-in illumination system is convenient for observation during the test.
Stainless steel chamber with double layers is heat and fire resistant.
Main parameters:
Vibration form: pneumatic ball vibrator
Vibration frequency: 20800 times / min
Vibration force: 650N
Worktable size: 40cm × 40cm × 10mm
Workbench media: marble plate
Experimental container: stainless steel test container
Work stations: 6
Cabinet negative pressure range: -50 Pa ~ -200 Pa
High efficiency filter filtration efficiency: better than 99.99%
Negative pressure cabinet ventilation flow: ≥ 5m3 / min
Data storage capacity: 100,000 group
Working voltage: 220V 50HZ
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