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Random Tumble Pilling Tester

Random Tumble Pilling Tester

ASTM D3512, GB/T 4802.4, ISO 12945.3, JIS L1076-D
Random Tumble Pilling Tester is used to determine the pilling and fuzzing characteristics of textile fabrics.
The test specimens with dimensions of 105×105mm are put in the chambers. The stainless steel impellers rotate within individually lit aluminium chambers constantly tumbling test fabrics against cork liners for a predetermined time controlled by a timer and audible alarm. Compressed air is also injected into the chamber to assist in the tumbling action. Adjustable of the pressure.
Technical Parameters:
1. 4 test chambers;
2. Equipped with a rotating stainless impellers in each test chamber;
3. Reliably Sealing of the testing chambers;
4. A digital electronic counter;
5. A buzzer to remind the end of test;
6. Equipped with pressure gauge and the timer;
7. Dimension of Drum: 146×152mm;
8. Dimension of Cork liner: 452×146×1.5mm;
9. Rods: L=121mm;
10. Rotating speed: 1200r/min;
11. Compressed air: 0.014-0.021MPa.

Instrument Configurations:
1. Pilling Photographic Standards;
2. Cork Liner (Pack of 50);
3. Cotton Sliver (9m);
4. Mute air compressor (optional);
5. Other necessary accessories recommended by manufacturer.