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Abrasion testing of textile surfaces - Schopper Abrasion Tester

Abrasion testing of textile surfaces - Schopper Abrasion Tester

The Schopper Abrasion Tester can be used to test the change in the appearance of a specimen after a friction or abrasion test and is recommended by DIN 53863.2, GME Standard 60345, GMW Standard 3823, VW/Audi Zentral-Norm PV 3908.

Scope of application.

The Schopper Abrasion Tester uses a selective abrasion test for testing the abrasion resistance of fabrics and is mostly used for testing automotive interior materials.

Product details.

For fabrics, abrasion resistance is an important indicator of their serviceability and durability. During the test, the Schopper Abrasion Tester applies friction in the tangential direction to a rotating specimen by means of a friction component to determine the abrasion resistance of the specimen.

Schopper Abrasion Tester.jpg

Product construction.

The Schopper Abrasion Tester is a compact and robust design consisting of a clamping device with an obtuse-angled conical chuck, a loading table to hold the friction head, and a control and drive unit. All components are well designed and easy to handle. To facilitate the preparation and light clamping of the specimen, the instrument is equipped with an adjustable graduated ring spanner to test the expansion height. During the test, the specimen is placed in the plane of the friction head and rubbed by applying a rotating action to a sample with a rubbing area of approximately 50 cm?

Operating instructions.

The operating menu is displayed on a touch screen with a choice of manual or automatic control. After every 100 friction cycles, the Schopper Abrasion Tester stops automatically to allow the operator to change the direction of rotation.