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China helmet test items and test standards

China helmet test items and test standards

Helmet test items and test standards

A. Helmet test range

Bicycle helmet testing, scooter sports helmet testing, roller skating sports helmet testing, rescue helmet testing, motorcycle member helmet testing, bulletproof helmet testing, explosion-proof helmet testing, service helmet testing, consumer helmet testing, sports helmet testing


Second, sports helmet testing and standards

Sports helmet detection types include bicycle helmets, skateboard helmets, roller skating helmets, which are several products. Testing standards can be based on

GB 24429-2009 "sports helmet bicycle, skateboard, roller skating sports helmet ** requirements and test methods. Here we can see that GB 24429-2009 belongs to the national mandatory implementation of standards. So one of the sports helmets must comply with the requirements of GB 24429-2009. Sports helmet testing projects are mainly divided into structure and performance testing.

1, the structure of the test items are: shell, cushioning layer, comfort padding, wearing device, protection range.

2, performance testing projects are: helmet quality, helmet vision, helmet wearing device stability, helmet wearing device strength performance, helmet impact absorption capacity performance.

Third, the motorcycle passenger helmet testing and standards

Motorcycle passenger helmet testing standards are also national mandatory standards. The standard name is GB 811-2010 "motorcycle passenger helmet". GB 811-2010 applies to the friction car driver's helmet and passenger helmet testing. Motorcycle helmets ammonium performance and use of the object is divided into Class A helmets and Class B helmets. According to the structure and shape is divided into full helmet and half helmet. Specifications are divided into large, medium and small size. Motorcycle helmet testing program is also divided into two categories of structure and performance testing.

1, structure testing projects are: shell, cushion layer, comfort liner, wearing device, goggles.

2, performance testing projects are: protected areas and test areas, helmet quality, helmet vision, helmet goggle fragmentation and visible light transmission rate, stiffness performance, fixation device stability, helmet wearing device strength performance, helmet penetration resistance performance.

Fourth, the police motorcycle helmet testing and standards

Police motorcycle helmet testing standards is the national Ministry of Public Security issued the required standards. The standard name is GA 295-2001 "police motorcycle helmet". Here we need to note that, although GA 295-2001 is an industry standard, but for the mandatory implementation of standards. Therefore, the indicators in the test report must meet the requirements of GA 295-2001. Police motorcycle helmet types are divided into winter with helmet, spring and autumn with helmet, summer with helmet three. Size for large, medium, small three specifications. Police motorcycle helmet test items are appearance, structure, performance of the three categories.

1, the appearance of the test items: shape, logo, cap badge, color

2, structure testing projects: shell, cushion layer, wearing device, size determination

3, performance testing items: helmet quality, helmet vision, visual quality (visual quality, transmittance performance, light distortion performance, anti-fog performance, wear resistance), impact strength performance, helmet collision energy absorption performance, helmet penetration resistance performance

V. Rescue helmet testing tests and standards

Rescue helmet mainly refers to the production ** accidents, natural disasters, road traffic accidents and other rescue operations when wearing head protection equipment. Rescue helmet testing standards for the national recommended standard GB/T 38305-2019 "head protection rescue helmet. GB/T 38305-2019 on the rescue helmet proposed more testing projects, as follows.

1, general requirements testing items: appearance defects, harmful components, parts installation performance, adjustment device performance

2, structure and design testing projects: parts and internal size testing, helmet quality, vision

3, performance testing projects: wearing stability, wearing system dynamic strength, lateral impact performance, top impact performance, puncture resistance, electrical insulation performance, lateral rigidity, flame retardant performance

4, chemical resistance performance measurement

5、The nearby performance measurement

The above is the common helmet testing standards, projects and regulations.