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Martindale Abrasion And Pilling Tester different test supplies analysis

Martindale Abrasion And Pilling Tester different test supplies analysis

Martindale Abrasion And Pilling Tester is suitable for knitted fabrics, woolen fabrics, artificial leather, synthetic leather, etc. under the pressure of abrasion resistance and pilling degree test, applied to a variety of industries such as textiles, footwear, clothing, etc., Shanghai Qianshui Precision Electromechanical Technology Co.

Main parameters:

1. Counting range: 0~999999 times;

2. Number of work stations: 9 work stations;

3. Pressurized material quality.

a. Gripper: 200±1g;

b. Clothes specimen weight hammer: 395±2g;

c. Furniture decorative sample weight: 594±2g;

d. Stainless steel butterfly: 260±1g;


4. Dynamic range: horizontal: 60.5±0.5mm, vertical: 24±0.5mm;

5. Effective friction diameter of the grinding block.

A type 200g (1.96N) friction head (9kPa) ¢ 28.8-0.084mm;

B type 155g (1.52N) friction head (12kPa) ¢90-0.10mm;

6. Loading sample pressure hammer mass: 2385 ± 10g;

7. Gripper and grinding table relative movement speed: 20-70r / min (adjustable).

Fabric abrasion resistance test.

Abrasive: The role of the abrasive is to rub against the test fabric above it. The abrasive in GB/T 21196 is woven plain wool fabric (for abrasive) with a diameter or edge length of at least 140 mm. for coated fabric, NO.600 water sandpaper is used.

Felt (for backing): mounted on the grinding table together with the abrasive, underneath the abrasive, is a circular woven wool backing. The mass per unit area is 750±50g/m2, the thickness is 2.5±0.5/mm, and the size is 1400+5mm.

Foam: When the unit area mass of the test fabric is lower than 500g/m2, it is installed in the specimen fixture for the backing of the test fabric. The size is 38.00+5mm.

Fabric pilling and pilling performance test.

Abrasive material: Abrasive material is divided into two cases, generally using the same sample as the test material. When the fabric under test is decorative fabric abrasive for standard wool fabric (for abrasive).

Felt: The specimen and felt are installed on the specimen jig, and the specimen is placed on the outer side of the felt. Felt diameter is (90 ± 1) mm, the diameter of the specimen is 1400 +5 mm; in the starting table to install the same felt, which is lined below the abrasive, the diameter of the felt and abrasive are 1400 +5 mm.