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How to detect if the Push pull testing machine is working properly?

How to detect if the Push pull testing machine is working properly?

Push pull testing machine is specially designed for the adhesive tape and adhesive industries. It is a testing instrument for different angles or different peel strengths of various adhesive products.

What are the main points to pay attention to when using Push pull testing machine?

1. There is a blind spot in the verification of the force sensor: the general metrological verification takes 10% or even 15% of the large load of the equipment as the starting point of the verification, and many sensors with poor quality happen to be less than 10% and have a large error;

2. There is instability in the movement speed of the beam: different experimental speeds will obtain different experimental results, so it is also necessary to verify the speed;

3. Improper selection of the material of the moving beam: Especially when doing a large tonnage metal test, because the beam is also stressed at the same time, the deformation itself will also affect the test results. Therefore, it is better to choose a good cast steel material. If it is a cast iron material, it may even be overwhelmed and break directly;

4. Coaxiality (neutrality) is ignored: it may be the reason for the difficulty of inspection. Almost no one has studied the coaxiality of the equipment, but if there is a problem with the coaxiality, it will definitely affect the experimental results, especially It is a test with a small load. I have seen the test with the equipment without the fixture base fixed. The reliability of the data is clear at a glance;

5. Problems of Push pull testing machine jig: After long-term use, the jaws of the jig will be worn, the teeth will be broken, and the teeth will be deformed, resulting in unreliable clamping or damage to the sample, which will affect the final result of the test;

6. Failure of the safety protection device: the consequences may directly damage the equipment, it is recommended to check regularly, because some may be caused by software failures, be careful to sail for thousands of years.

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However, to maintain the normal use of the tensile testing machine, you must also pay attention to daily maintenance! Keep the machine clean, check whether the Push pull testing machine fixture is corroded or damaged, and adjust the adjustable mechanical parts in a full range, no less than 3 times, Calibration of equipment accuracy is required every 2 maintenances.

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